Trap Fundamentals

Members of the Naperville Sportsman’s Club volunteer their time each year to conduct training courses.  Students learn firearm and shooting safety from NRA-certified instructors, and each student is able to put their education and training into action at the conclusion of the course by shooting a round of trap under the guidance of an instructor.

Students are given classroom-style instruction on firearm safety and trapshooting fundamentals.

Students are given an opportunity to apply what they learn, under the watchful eye of NRA-certified instructors.

Trap shooting is not just for guys! Sportsman’s Club member Patti Pfister works with a female student on fine tuning her trapshooting skills.

Sportsman’s Club member Art Dwight checks on the gun mount and hold point of a young student.

Registration is handled by the Naperville Park District. To Register for upcoming classes, click here.