Trap Fundamentals Class April 18th

The Naperville Sportsman’s Club, in cooperation with the Naperville Park District, will be conducting a Trap Shooting Fundamentals class on April 18th, 2021 . Register HERE!

Trap Fundamentals includes 2 hours of in class presentation covering the history of trap shooting, safety, and an overall introduction to trap shooting, followed by actual trap shooting with one-on-one instruction and guidance.

Costs are as follows.
$35.00 (Resident)
$50.00 (Non-resident)
$28.00 (Senior, 60 and over, resident)
$40.00 (Senior, 60 and over, non-resident)

COVID update – Jan 21, 2021

Per the Illinois Department of Public Health’s announcement, our region (DuPage County) will be moving from Tier 3 to Tier 2.

Our operation will basically revert back to how we were operating prior to the Tier 3 mitigations put in place in November:

• Reservations are no longer required.

• All payments should be made on site.

• Clubhouse maximum is 20 people.

• Masks required inside of the clubhouse.

Participation Guidelines can be found here:

Wobble League

The NSC Fall Wobble League will be starting Thurs, Sept. 17th. Entry into the league will be open until the 3rd night, Oct 1st. This year, Nenad Trickovski is stepping up to fill the League Czar boots, under the watchful eye of the former League Czar, Scott Calhoun.

2020 Wobble League

League start date:  Thursday, September 17 League end Date:  Thursday, November 5

League Format:  50 16-yard wobble targets per week.

Mandatory League Entry Fee:  $20 (covers cost of trophies, and food for league shooters on last night)

League Rules:

–          If you need to miss a week, you can shoot an extra set of scores on the prior or following Thursday, or you can also shoot on Sunday (with restrictions, see below).

–          Of the eight weekly scores, you must shoot at least six weekly scores on Thursday.  You can shoot up to two weekly scores on Sunday.

–          You can shoot no more than two weekly scores on a single Thursday night.

–          You can shoot no more than one weekly score on a single Sunday.

–          Exceptions to these rules will be considered, please contact Tom Jorstad if these rules will cause an issue with your participation.


–          Prizes will be awarded for High Overall scores as well as classes.  The number of prizes will be determined by the number of shooters.  Typically we have enough shooters for HOA and HOA Runner-up as well as winner and runner-up in five classes.

–          To be eligible for the HOA awards you must shoot all eight weekly scores.

–          To be eligible for class awards you must shoot at least seven weekly scores.  Your best seven weekly scores will be used to determine class standings, with your worst weekly score thrown out.


–          There will be food for all league shooters on the last night of the league

Annual Member Picnic Sept 19

2020 Annual Dinner and Raffle
The 2020 Annual Dinner and Raffle will be held on
September 19th at Sportsman’s Park. We will need
help with the setup at 10:00 AM. The party will start
around 12:00 PM. Dinner at around 3:00 PM. Your
2020 membership dues include this event. We will be
having Burgers, Dogs and Chicken sandwiches. Also,
on the menu will be potato salad, coleslaw, Fred’s
famous baked beans and of course we will have pies.
The Board set the price for guests at $5.00 each. The
Raffles will take place after dinner. Please bring your
own chairs and anything else you think you will need
to properly distance.

COVID-19 Update

Like many other facilities around the globe, The Naperville Park District has been forced to close and/or restrict access to their properties and facilities, including the Sportsman’s Park Clubhouse and Trap Range. We would also like to remind you that if you are not feeling well, please stay home and consult with your physician. And, as always– wash your hands, and as of May 1st, please wear a mask when out in public. Pants too!