Trap Fundamentals Class July 11th

The Naperville Sportsman’s Club, in cooperation with the Naperville Park District, will be conducting a Trap Shooting Fundamentals class on July 11th, 2021 . Register HERE!

Next class session is August 15th.

Trap Fundamentals includes 2 hours of in class presentation covering the history of trap shooting, safety, and an overall introduction to trap shooting, followed by actual trap shooting with one-on-one instruction and guidance.

Costs are as follows.
$35.00 (Resident)
$50.00 (Non-resident)
$28.00 (Senior, 60 and over, resident)
$40.00 (Senior, 60 and over, non-resident)

2 thoughts on “Trap Fundamentals Class July 11th

    • 2021 Trap Fundamentals classes have not been finalized yet, but when they are officially scheduled, they will be posted on the calendar here. March will be the first month in 2021.

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