The Naperville Sportsmanís Club is overseen by its Board of Directors. There are provisions for ten club members to be elected to the board. These members are elected at-large to develop and implement policy to ensure the best interests of the general membership.

The board presently consists of six directors and four officers, as well as a non-voting Naperville Park District representative..  Directors are elected in pairs for a staggered three-year term.   Officers are elected annually.

2019 Officers and Directors

Jim Monk

Jim Chakour
Director (2019)

Charlie Tlapa
Director (2021)

Mike Moore

Dave Paulinski
Director (2019)

John McGuire
Director (2021)

Fred Turek

Tom Coleman

Steve Pfister
Director (2020)

Nenad Trichkovski
Director (2020)

David Naydenoff
Naperville Park District