Naperville Sportsman's Club

Incorporated in 1937, The Naperville Sportsmanís Club is the current legacy of gun clubs dating back to the 1880ís. Our founding members were the leading men and women of our community.

The Naperville Sportsmanís Club is dedicated to the preservation of our outdoor heritage and the conservation of our natural resources.  We promote shotgun-shooting sports, placing emphasis on education, training, and recreation. To protect our environment we boast our use of nontoxic ammunition and targets.


Naperville Sportsmanís Club members volunteer their time to operate the trap range, and are always willing to answer questions or provide any assistance necessary to ensure the enjoyable and safe operation of the range.

Our goal is to make the Sportsmanís Park Trap Range the finest public trapshooting range available, offering its users a safe, friendly, and convenient sanctuary within which to enjoy clay target shooting at a competitive cost. Club members donate their time and energies to support and improve the program.

Naperville Park District employees staff the sign-up desk and are available to answer questions about the shooting programs at Sportsmanís Park..

Finally, we pay respect to the traditions of our fore bearers, the early pioneers and settlers of this land, while we reflect on the sacrifices of those who fought, and still fight, for the liberties we now enjoy.