The Naperville Sportsmanís Club has always maintained an open membership policy. We do not tolerate discrimination on any basis, and actively encourage diversity in our membership.

Full membership offers a number of benefits that come with a few responsibilities. The Club is an organization that runs on the volunteer efforts of its members, for the benefit of its members.

Any person of good character can become a member of the Naperville Sportsmanís Club. Membership in industry or conservation organizations are neither a prerequisite for new membership or a requirement for continuing membership.

Full members enjoy a discount on their shooting fees, receive a monthly newsletter, and are invited to Club functions.  Members can also take advantage of the Clubís Virtual Proshop to purchase quality shooting accessories at member-only pricing. As a participating NRA member-range, club members can also receive a discount on their NRA dues.

Full members have only a few responsibilities. Always act with sportsmanlike conduct, volunteer a few hours per year (up to 12) to help the Club with the range, and pay your dues in a timely manner.

The club also offers an Associate Membership at a reduced fee. This membership does not include some of the benefits of a full membership (ex. shooting fee discount), but does include a monthly newsletter.

To download a membership application, please click on one of the links below.  If you are unable to download a membership application, please refer to the Contact Info page for information on how to obtain an application.