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Naperville Sportsman’s Club

Virtual Proshop!

Welcome to the Naperville Sportsman’s Club “Virtual Proshop”.  Our purchasing cooperative is between our members, for the benefit of our members.

The Proshop has contracts with a few select vendors, offering our members high quality shooting accessories at wholesale prices.  Members can purchase shooting glasses, vests, pouches, shirts, caps, coats, gloves, cases, range bags - just about anything to properly outfit today’s shooting sportsman.

Click on one of the links below and take a look at our virtual catalogues.  For specific pricing click on the Proshop link and email your inquiries.  You will receive a prompt response with the exact pricing including the nominal cost for shipping.

You can also view the catalog of available products at the clubhouse, just ask at the register for the Virtual Proshop binder.

For further information, specific details of the program, or to place an order, please email