The trapshooting range at Sportsmanís Park in Naperville is
Open to the Public

Sportsmanís Park Trap Range was developed nearly 65 years ago through the volunteer efforts of the Naperville Sportsmanís Club. The picturesque 27 acres was little more than a garbage dump in 1948.  Using earth moving equipment club members dredged the north and south ponds and the creek-size equalization channel, graded the property, and planted the trees you see on the site.

The trap range opened with one manual trap machine.  Today, Sportsmanís Park has three trap fields offering fully automated trap machines and voice-activated pulling, throwing single and double targets.

The 800 square-foot clubhouse has been recently remodeled. The building has a large stone fireplace, and is centrally air-conditioned and heated. It boasts clean restrooms for men and women, and a small kitchen prep area. In addition, the entire Sportsmanís Park facility is ADA accessible for those with physical challenges.

The members of Naperville Sportsmanís Club invite you to come out and enjoy the facility, which is conveniently located near downtown Naperville.